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Firewall and Internet Security

A firewall is software or hardware that prevents other computers on the Internet from accessing your computer, but it lets you access the Internet. 

If you have a cable modem or DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) connection,
a firewall is a MUST. It’s really a very good idea even if you use a dial-up connection. Once you have installed a good firewall, your PC is better protected from thieves, squatters, hijackers, whenever you’re online.  It does not stop people within your company or home who can gain access to your physical computer to enter from your own terminal.

As you may know, Windows XP has its own firewall. To activate it, click Start, Control Panel and double-click Network Connections. Highlight the icon that represents your LAN (local-area network) or high-speed Internet connection and select “Change Settings Of This Connection” on the left side.  In the connection’s Properties Window, go to the “Advanced” tab and select the “Protect My Computer and Network By Limiting Or Preventing Access To This Computer From the Internet” checkbox.

There is no built-in firewall in Windows 98 or ME, but you can add one.  AnswerSmart™ offers a full Firewall solution. We are more than happy to answer your questions, just please do not wait until it is too late!

If you have any questions regarding firewalls just give us a call at 877-883-TECH (8324) or fill out our Free Computer Repair Evaluation Form to schedule an AnswerSmart™ computer repair technician to come directly to your home and/or office and install one. We install the firewall right there and then, at your convenience.

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