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"I would have been in dire straights if I had not used your backup service. My laptop crashed and I would have lost all my financial files, but they were all safe and sound thanks to you."
Ruth Soren, Forrest City, AK

Data Backup and Recovery Services

Do you have files, photos or music on your computers that you would hate to lose?  AnswerSmart™ Data Backup creates data backups for you so that even in the event of a total computer crash all of your files are safely backed-up, accessible and recoverable.

Choose from AnswerSmart™ Data Backup Services, where an expert data backup and recovery specialist comes to your home or office and provides hands-on data backup and recovery services. Or use our simple Data Backup Software to automatically back up the data on your computer!

Any number of events can cause your computer to crash, causing you to lose your data. Have you ever accidentally overwritten a file, had a power failure, spyware or a computer virus, a software error - or simply deleted the wrong file?

With AnswerSmart™ Data Backup you can rest assured that no matter what happens, no matter who uses your computer when you are not around, or what gets downloaded onto it - your important documents are safe and within easy reach. AnswerSmart's Online Data Backup services are 100% secure.

If you have already lost data or files due to a computer crash, accident, spyware, or virus, AnswerSmart's Data Recovery services can restore your data and files.

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Do you need a computer repair or technical support service you do not see listed here? Check our complete list of computer repair and technical support services. Or call us at 877-883-TECH (8324) or complete our Free Computer Repair Evaluation Form for a complete evaluation and quote!

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