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"The computer repair technician came right to my home and solved my computer problems in minutes. I'm back online and my network is functioning the way I always knew it should. If I need technical support in the future I will come to you guys."
James Flemming, Chicago, IL


All of the 5 billion computers that exist worldwide are subject to health and security threats. Internet security alone is a $71 billion industry in the US. Become an AnswerSmart™affiliate and get in on the exploding market for  On-Site Technology Service to consumers and businesses.

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AnswerSmart™combines two of the most successful offers on the Internet into one powerful offer with conversion rates and payouts that will blow your existing campaigns away! You will be paid 50% of every sale you send us. And if you can deliver over 100 sales per day, we pay you a full 75% of the sale! Plus, our product sells for more than others out there (with higher conversion rates), which translates into more money for you!

We also track every visitor you send us for 90 days, so if they order up to 3 months after you send them to us, you still get paid!

Here's How Often You Get Paid:

Checks are sent twice per month so you get your money fast. This offer will deliver a phenomenal ROI!

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