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Virus Scans and Virus Removal

Viruses are malicious software programs written by criminals who wish to cause as much damage as possible to your computer. They cause everything from sluggish performance and computer crashes to a total loss of all the data and files on your computer. Viruses can also turn your computer into a zombie which attacks other computers and further spreads the virus. If you suspect you have a virus, run a virus scan first to see what you have. Then purchase virus removal software, or call AnswerSmart Virus Removal services to have a virus removal specialist come to your home or business and manually remove the virus.

If your computer has a virus, it should be removed immediately, and you should take action to protect your computer from re-infection in the future or you will be risking the loss of your PC and everything on it. If you suspect that you have a computer virus, call AnswerSmart™ right now at 877-883-TECH (8324). We will send an expert computer repair technician to your site immediately to manually remove the viruses that are infecting your PC, and install virus removal software to protect you from further virus infections.

Virus Removal Software
Make sure you have virus removal software installed on your computer, and that your anti-virus definitions are up-to-date. Run online virus scans regularly to detect any new virus infections. To select the best kind of virus removal software for yourself consult one of the AnswerSmart™ technicians at 877-883-TECH (8324).

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