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"When the tech arrived at my home office he already new exactly what was wrong and he got right to work. Not only did he fix my spyware and Internet connectivity issues but he also downloaded updates and set me up with a firewall to head off any future problems. I was very impressed."
Bill Silvera, Wilmington, MO

Spyware Removal Services

AnswerSmart™ delivers all of the capabilities of a professional computer repair and technical support shop directly to you at your home or office. No matter what technical problems you are experiencing, our expert computer repair technicians can solve them on site. You can avoid having to dismantle your computer, take it to a computer repair shop, leave it there, and put it all back together when you get it back. Call us now at 877-883-TECH (8324) for a FREE computer repair evaluation or complete our Free Computer Repair Evaluation Form for a complete computer repair evaluation and quote!

On Site Service
Remote Service
Complete Anti-Spyware Service – AnswerSmart™ will run the latest anti-spyware software to remove basic spyware that is currently on your machine. We will also manually remove any spyware and adware programs that cannot be removed through software.
Firewall and Security Installation – Install and configure a firewall, and train you how to use it, so that your files and computer are safe from intrusion.
Cleanup and Preventive Maintenance – includes a thorough disk cleaning, disk-defragmentation, and security patch installation.

  • Hardware/Software not included.

Do you need a computer repair or technical support service you do not see listed here? Check our complete list of computer repair and technical support services. Or call us at 877-883-TECH (8324) or complete our Free Computer Repair Evaluation Form for a complete evaluation and quote!

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